Red Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder

Red Sandal Powder

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Red sandalwood powder helps to improve the skin, when used regularly, it nourishes the skin by removing dead skin cells.  It also helps in reducing pimples and acne. Removes Sun-Tan, Fades Pigmentation Marks, It removes excess oil, unclogs skin pores, and reduces the discharge of sebum. Can be used for pooja purposes. Always use red sandalwood along with other herbs as face pack. Dont use it directly for face pack as its concentrated.

Usage Instructions (DIY) : Mix one tablespoon of redsandal powder with one tablespoon of triphala and beson or multani mitti. Add water, sesame oil and raw honey to make thick paste. Apply on face and body for 5 mins and gently rub off. It works as an amazing exfoliant, removes dead cells, improves skin health.

Weight : 50 gm

Country of Origin : India

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