Nutri 7 (Laddoos)
Nutri 7 (Laddoos)
Nutri 7 (Laddoos)

Nutri 7 (Laddoos)

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For all the women who face hormonal issues Nutri 7 is a great food supplement which is rich in millets, flax seeds and melon seeds. Its a sugar-free sweet made up of 100% jaggery and millets and seeds.


Bajri, Sesame, Flax seeds, Melon Seeds, Jaggery, Elaichi, Ghee

  1. Roasting happens at a very low-temperature.
  2. Unpolished sesame and flax seeds are used
  3. Made with chemical-free jaggery

Weight : Net Wt : 500 gm

Country of Origin : India

About Seller

Sahrudaya is a socio-economic rural India organisation that collaborates with village women, trains them, modifies their authentic recipes, and helps them sell them on a global platform. We also take care of nutritional values, and all our products do not contain white sugar and refined flour. Hygiene and preservation of nutrition during making are well taken care of.

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We want to support organizations in empowering the most vulnerable people working under their protective wings, to realise our vision of economic independence and dignity for all.

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