Moringa (Chikki Bars)
Moringa (Chikki Bars)
Moringa (Chikki Bars)

Moringa (Chikki Bars)

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For all the workout enthusiasts, college-going students and working man and women, who look for healthy, natural and sugar-free RTE foods, Moringa Chikki is a perfect breakfast, post lunch and evening treat that not only enhances your health by taking care of heart, sugar levels, protein intake, unlike other chikkis or energy bars.


Peanuts, Sesame, Flax seeds, Jaggery, Moringa Powder, Cow Ghee(2%) 

  1. Moringa leaves are solar dried and used in the bar. Each bar contains approx. 1 g of the powder.
  2. Jaggery is used as natural sweetener.
  3. Roasting of nuts and seeds happen at a very low temperature of 60 degree celsius.

Weight : Net Wt : 500 gm

Country of Origin : India

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Sahrudaya is a socio-economic rural India organisation that collaborates with village women, trains them, modifies their authentic recipes, and helps them sell them on a global platform. We also take care of nutritional values, and all our products do not contain white sugar and refined flour. Hygiene and preservation of nutrition during making are well taken care of.

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We want to support organizations in empowering the most vulnerable people working under their protective wings, to realise our vision of economic independence and dignity for all.

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