Milk Therapy Hair Oil with Lavender , Tea-Tree and Rosemary

Milk Therapy Hair Oil with Lavender , Tea-Tree and Rosemary

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Surrender to the age old secret of lush, gorgeous hair with our timeless Hair Potion. Bid adieu to hair-fall woes with our clinically-proven Bhringaraj infused hair oil. Rely on the magic of ayurvedic botanicals like Karnasphota, Amla, Anjana, Sesame & Licorice together with the aromatic blend of English Lavender, Australian Tea tree & Rosemary Essential oils, dash of extreme nourishment with coconut, cow, goat & Buffalo milk.


With Lavender, Tea Tree & Rosemary. 100% Natural, Vegetarian & Cruelty-Free. Clinically Tested Hair-Fall Contol. For All Hair Types

Quantity : 200 ml

Country of Origin : India

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