Kombu Honey

Kombu Honey

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Collected from the mountain ranges of the Nilgiris, this honey is extremely unique and exotic. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Bee wild Honey helps in healing imbalances in the human body and consuming regularly would boost immunity and shall slow down ageing. 

Bee Wild Honey is recommended for anyone who believes in pure natural products rather than commercial alternatives and also believe in promoting the natural products.


100% Raw Wild Forest Honey

Weight : Net Wt : 250 gm

Care : The adivasis believe honey is 'alive'. Over time, it may change in colour, consistency and may appear to ferment. All this is natural. It doesn't mean the honey has gone bad. Accumulated particles on the surface are pollen, a nutritious protein which can be consumed.Crystallization is a natural process in honey due to low temperature. Place the jar in sunlight or warm water to liquefy or soften the honey.

Country of Origin : India

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Just Change was born out of the experience of ACCORD, an organisation founded in 1986 to work with the adivasis of the Gudalur Valley of the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. Just Change has been working with tribal community in Gudalur and has been helping them to achieve economic empowerment by controlling the value chain of the commodities products by tribal community.

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