Coconut Shell Bowl - Pack of 2
Coconut Shell Bowl - Pack of 2
Coconut Shell Bowl - Pack of 2

Coconut Shell Bowl - Pack of 2

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Natural, hand-crafted coconut shell bowls hand made from coconuts grown in India. Each coconut bowl is hand crafted with care. The shells are cut, sanded to remove the husk, polished with coconut oil and dried in sun. Every bowl has its own unique shape and design! Can be used for mixing powders, as serving bowls etc. They are washable and reusable.

Weight : 200 gm

Country of Origin : India

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Praacheen Vidhaan (Safe on Health, Safe on Earth) is an eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste generating, made in India, hand crafted, biodegradable, 100% single use plastic free, plant based natural products company. Their products are based on ancient practices and techniques and are a perfect replacements for commercially available products which help us and the environment to rejuvenate. Embark on a journey in creating a sustainable living.

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